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2 reviews | 27 orders

Of all the Chinese restaurants in the area, I order from Fresh Wok all the time. Portions are gigantic, and the quality has always been very consistent for me. I TRY to tip well, but I can't always do so, the delivery guys always deserve it when I can, though. They're super nice, and they deliver quickly. In terms of taste - it's exactly what you would expect from a Chinese food that operates like this one does. I've received extremely inconsistent service from other Chinese restaurants in the area, and Fresh Wok never screws it up or cheaps out on what they give you. This place is a machine. Why would anyone eat at the Panda Express across the street is beyond me. I love this place. Also - their egg drop soup is boss.


2 reviews | 94 orders

Fresh Wok always delivers fresh and hot food!!!!! Had several things on the menu and have all been good. Thumbs up!!!


1 reviews | 50 orders

Amazing curry :-D They're all super friendly and the portions are easily enough to make 2 meals out of :-D

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